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Dear friends of music,

Brkovi, the phenomenal band from Zagreb, are bringing their Punk Folk Wellness to Toronto!!!

For the first time in North America we will enjoy the performance of one of the most active and attractive bands from the Balkan! One of their most notable fans is Josipa Lisac herself!

Brkovi have been selling out shows on a regular basis in all countries they have played. The mix of genres in the unique style they call “Punk Folk Wellness”, combined with the utmost sincere attitude, has made them the audience favorites. At the end of the show, your energy tank will be full to the brim!

The whole discography of Brkovi is available for free download at their webpage https://www.brkovi.com. It includes the album “Brkati gosti” on which various performers from Balkan give their unique spins and interpretation of their songs.

A limited number of Early Bird tickets are on sale now!

Be quick, we’ll have some surprises and awards! See you all at The Rockpile on February 4th!